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Quality AES Interviews Their Own - Trevor Curry

March 18, 2024
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Quality Automotive Equipment and Service (AES) would like to introduce our very own Service Manager, Trevor Curry.  Through a series of questions and answers, we thought to share who Trevor is and what his personal experience has been like working at Quality AES over the last 5 years.  Thank you Trevor for your continued energy, effort, and support. Enjoy! 

What is your current job title Trevor? 
  • Service Manager - I started in September of 2019 as our only service technician. I moved to senior service technician in January of 2022, managing a couple of technicians we had hired on.  Today, and since May 1st of 2023, I am officially titled, Service manager, managing 8 full-time service technicians on staff.

Tell us about yourself:
  • I have four kids, the youngest graduates high school this year (age ranges 31, 28, 21 and 18) making me and my wife Wendy soon to be empty nesters. When not at work, Wendy and I spend a lot of time outside working on our 11-acre property, tending to our vegetable and flower gardens. My wife volunteers a bunch for local animal shelters and I help her with that, whether it’s tending to animals directly or building fences for them, whatever is needed.

You Love Cars, when did this passion start?
  • Before I could walk. From my first Hot Wheels at a young age to now. Heck, even now, I still collect Hot Wheels and I’m almost 44. I bought my first car at age 14 and have bought literally 100’s of cars over the years.  I might even acknowledge I have a small problem with purchasing cars! I currently have 8 cars on my property that I work on and keep around to drive.

We understand you love attending car shows and drag races? Any of these stand out as your favorite?
  • The ones Wendy and I love attending are old nostalgia drags where they are racing 1965 or older racers like big gassers and super coups. One we attend regularly is in Asbury, Missouri down by Joplin. As for Car Shows, The Old Miss run in Ottawa, Kansas stands out as one of our favorite car shows because of its size (1500-2000 cars on scene) as well as the Heartland Car show, a show that Quality AES founder and owner, Bruce Cordle, and I were heavily involved in. 

What’s the last 5 years been like for you at Quality AES?
  • In one word: Amazing!!

What are some of the things that stand out about working with Quality AES?
  • What stands out is the ownership, you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to technically work for but at the same time, the whole group feels like a second family. It’s not that I work for Bruce, Rhonda, Justin, or Cameron, to me, I work with my family and that’s how they treat you. Everyone is good, from the camaraderie to the communication, no one aside from the owners are related but we are all treated and looked at that way as family.

What does a typical day look like for you at work?
  • A typical day for me starts around 7-8 am where I come into our new office to help service techs get their days lined out whether that be with grabbing the equipment they will need for their jobs or loading equipment on trailers. Once I get everyone ready for their job sites, I head to my office to see what needs to be done on my end. My day typically ends somewhere between 4:45 – 5:30 pending upon the day’s needs and where his service techs are. I have each of our tech trucks lined out with trackers, so my day ends once I see everyone has made it home safely to their homes.

When it comes to automotive equipment what stands out about the manufacturer's Quality AES represents?
  • The quality of the equipment. It’s top tier and for the most part, American made. Everything we sell is the best in the market for its position. Doesn’t matter which manufacturer it is, we have direct lines to the service departments or service management groups with our manufacturers, so we have access to everything we need. What really stands out is the great relationships we’ve built with all of them over the years. They are extremely helpful whether it’s hands on training, support, or parts and materials.

You’ve personally seen how quickly Quality AES has been growing over the last several years. What’s the experience been like?
  • It’s been fun. We certainly had some growing pains trying to manage incoming work and new team members as we’ve grown but it kept us on our toes and overall, it was enjoyable to see how much and how quickly we’ve adapted to our growth.  Quite a cool thing to be a part of really. 

What would you like to say to anyone who is interested in coming to work at Quality AES?
  • It’s a family here. We want to make sure that we all mesh well. You know, I’m not a babysitter, if you want to work for us, we must know you can manage your time efficiently and can get your job completed the right way. You will have support though all along the way. It’s a great place! We are laid back, things run smoothly and regardless of the role you’re in, you have a team around you that wants to see you succeed. One thing I do say to our technicians, is if there is something you are unsure of or have questions on, we can help whether that means sending you off to our manufacturers for personalized training, or individual one on one training internally, we will do whatever it takes to get you comfortable in your role.

What stands out or is the main difference between QAES and the competition?
  • No matter what the competition, the difference between us and any others is the atmosphere. I think it’s simple if my technicians enjoy working for Quality AES, they produce quality work and in turn show our customers they care. We have very few repeat issues with customers. We get it done right the first time. Growing relationships with our customers and the ownership and management teams is another big differentiator for us. Our customers know our entire team and have relationships with almost all of us. It’s not uncommon, for us as technicians, to get leads and referrals from our clients. How cool is that?  Our customers know they don’t have to just call the office, they can always call us directly if they choose to.  That, I think, speaks to how much we care about growing our client relationships with everyone we work with.

Any Parting Words You’d like to share about Quality AES?
  • Not only is it a fantastic place to work, but it’s also a second home. For the technicians, myself, and the ownership it truly is our home. For our customers and clients, I would say Quality AES is extremely reliable. People from staff to customers know we will be there when you ask us to be there, and they know we will get the job done reliably before we leave. One more thing I think that’s important to add is our sales group and our communication between sales and service is outstanding. We don’t hear no from our sales team, and they don’t hear no from us. We work extremely well blended together. They are there for anything we need, and we are there for them.