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Revolutionize Service with Hunter: The Era of Mobile Service Equipment

February 22, 2024
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In a world where convenience is king, the automotive service industry is witnessing a transformative shift towards mobile service options. Imagine a scenario where the mechanic comes to your front doorstep without having to arrange transportation to get your car serviced.  Quality Automotive Equipment & Service (Quality AES), a nationwide distributor of renowned shop equipment manufacturers, caters to service shops, dealerships, and fleet management companies that are changing the way vehicle service is being offered. 

As a company who understands the importance of keeping your customer happy, we wanted to provide our customers insight by delving into the realm of mobile service equipment, specifically focusing on Hunter Engineering's innovative products, and how Quality AES is helping shops revolutionize the automotive service landscape in Kansas and Missouri.

The Mobile Service Revolution:
Mobile service is not just a convenience for customers; it's a game-changer for service shops and dealership service departments. Offering at-home services not only boosts Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores for dealerships but also aligns with the changing expectations of modern consumers seeking convenience. 

Quality AES Mobile Service Products:
Currently, the focus of mobile service predominantly revolves around tire-related tasks, with mobile tire changers and tire balancers standing as the primary services provided.  For the sake of our blog, the products below are equipment options Quality AES has actively facilitated installation for with our clients. While businesses are undoubtedly exploring additional mobile services for their clientele, we thought to share and highlight specific products on the market today and specifically tailored for mobile service. 

Here are 7 game-changing Hunter equipment options for mobile service

It's important to note that your service shop or dealership will need to have access to a van or service truck that can handle the equipment specs.  We encourage you to reach out to our team for added information as to what those qualifications need to be by calling us directly at 913-205-1350 or if you prefer, send us a message here.  Whether our team helps assist with the installation or your team takes charge, these mobile-specific offerings are designed to enhance your mobile service capabilities.  

As the automotive service industry embraces the era of mobile service, Quality AES, in partnership with Hunter Engineering, is leading the charge by providing state-of-the-art mobile service equipment. From tire changers to balancers, each product is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of on-the-go service. Elevate your mobile service capabilities with Quality AES and stay ahead in offering unparalleled convenience and satisfaction to your customers.