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The Ultimate Manufacturer Resource Guide

May 23, 2023
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The Ultimate Manufacturer Resource Guide - Quality AES
The Ultimate Manufacturer Resource Guide - Quality AES


We thought this month it might be good to showcase some of the main manufacturers that Quality Automotive Equipment and Service distributes for but with a twist. 

This go around, we wanted to share what we feel are some of the best promotional links, videos, and content from the manufacturer websites themselves.  They’ve put the time and energy into creating excellent resources so why not show them off?   

To begin, most of the service shops and car dealerships in Kansas and Missouri that we are fortunate enough to service, and service gladly face to face, know that Quality AES are automotive equipment providers and lift specialists who service, install, train, inspect, and repair automotive lifts and various other automotive equipment. 

These three top tier automotive equipment manufacturers are Rotary, Hunter Engineering, and Stertil-Koni.  Here are some important resources and links for each of the three. 


Fun History Fact – Back in 1925, mechanic Peter Lunati, who had worked on cars from his custom built inground pit, invented the first hydraulic Rotary lift in Memphis Tennessee while talking to a friend at the barber shop, saying, “I’ve crawled in this hole for the last time. I’ve got an idea.”  

Rotary’s Best-Selling Automotive Equipment Links:
Rotary Video Resources: 
Other Important Rotary Links: 


Fun History Fact – After having trouble charging his Packard convertible car battery in 1945, A 23-year-old St. Louis architecture student by the name of Lee Hunter Jr. figured out a way to quickly charge automobile batteries when other experts said it couldn’t be done.  This launched the start of Hunter Engineering, a world leader in innovation then and today.

Hunter Engineering’s Best Selling Automotive Equipment Links
Hunter Video Resources
Other Important Hunter Engineering Links


Fun History Fact - Started in the Netherlands in 1961, Stertil Koni got it's name from the village it was founded in, called Kootstertille.  Initially Stertil Koni served a diversity of different industries like shipping, petrochemical, and telecommunications.  Today, they are leaders in vehicle repair, maintenance and loading bay equipment with some of the best heavy duty lifting equipment on the market today.  

Stertil Koni's Best Selling Product Links

Other Important Stertil Koni Links

We at Quality AES hope that you can use these links to better understand the origins and company highlights of three of the top automotive equipment manufacturers around the world.  Please let us know if you have any questions about our intertwined relationship and services we provide being an authorized dealer for Rotary, Hunter Engineering and Stertil Koni by calling us at 913-205-1350 or messaging us here.