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Welcome To Quality Automotive Equipment & Service

June 15, 2021
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Since 1999, Quality Automotive Equipment & Service has been happily servicing and supplying car dealerships, auto service shops and quick lanes all across the United States with superior brands and high-quality shop equipment. Although our company is older now, and representing many more manufacturers than our earlier years, we still strive to take care of our customers just like we did when we started; one at a time and with great care. 

Our goal has always been to keep the technicians that use our products safe, compliant and efficient.  A leading way we have done this, over the years, is by working with the top manufacturers in the automotive industry that have the same objectives. Quality AES is an authorized and approved dealer and distributor of fine equipment yes, but we are also certified by each manufacturer and other organizations, like the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), which places a high emphasis on compliance and safety.  

What all this really means is that Quality AES is a one place shop stop that can help consult and identify the proper equipment for your service bay, purchase, finance and ship said equipment anywhere in the United States as well as install, inspect, service and train your team how best to use your new equipment efficiently. 


We want to welcome you to the Quality Automotive Equipment & Service website.  We are happy that you are visiting us!  Browse around and take a peek at your own leisure or look below at some of these links to explore us more. 


  • About Us - Get to know us, our brands and see the types of automotive equipment we provide. 

  • History - Read a brief history of our company and how Quality AES came to be. 

  • Meet Our Team - Get to know our incredible team and family. 


AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR THESE AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS                                                             


As a family owned and operated business, Quality Automotive Equipment & Service is excited to hear from you and we look forward to servicing your shops needs for decades to come.  If you have any questions for us, drop us a line here or give our team of technicians, specialists and certified inspectors a call at 913-205-1350