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What To Consider When Designing A Mechanic Shop Layout

August 16, 2021
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If you are planning to layout a custom shop floor plan, utilizing the space that you have (or are soon), Quality Automotive Equipment and Service thought it would be helpful to share some additional insight that you should consider during this pivotal time in the planning stage.


It all starts, at least for our team when we meet with a new client to dream up space together, with a initial consultation and site survey that can help us layout a floor plan for our customers. This initial site survey should not only take in total square footage and any challenging areas that might need customization around but also must consider the budget, dreams, objectives and needs for the auto body shop or dealership service bay in general.  

Some of these needs could include knowing how many technicians you have currently and how many bays you would like to have overall.  In addition, you'll need to consider what services you will place emphasis on as well as what equipment you already have and what you will need. 

Additional questions that are good to answer are:

  • How many lifts will you need?

  • What type of lifts do you like (inground, scissor, heavy-duty, 2 or 4 post)?

  • What purpose will each lift/bay area be used for overall?   


Of course budget for the build out is greatly important ,and some of the items we have found helpful to share with our customers are to consider some very specific business plan related topics like: 

  • Current Services To Be Offered

  • Future Services To Be Offered

  • # of Technicians, Service Managers, and Staff

  • # of Tools, Diagnostic Machines and Hydraulic Lifts Needed

  • Business Expenses, Business Assets and Investments and Loan Summaries

  • Local Competitors and Their Service Offerings

  • Break-even Analysis and a Profit Loss Estimate

  • Electricity Needs and Fluid Management Considerations

We at Quality Automotive Equipment & Service realize that the process to build a new auto shop or dealership service bay can be daunting if you are doing it alone. The real cut and dry solution to a proper build out is to partner with a team that knows their stuff.  

The installation company you choose should be ALI certified and have the experience and sample job sites that can be shown so you can see their work. It's also helpful to choose a team that already has the partnerships with the equipment manufacturers you plan to use in your shop.  

Overall, your technicians should get what they need to be successful at their job. By choosing the right installation team to partner with, you can protect your team and your business pocketbook from frivilous spending, while also maintaining a clean, safe and compliant service bay for your team to work in.  


The team at Quality Automotive Equipment & Service is standing by, ready to assist you on your custom installation and building plan. Our team strives to provide you with custom solutions that fit your overall objectives and budget during the course of your build out. 

As an authorized dealer for the best quality automotive equipment manufacturers in the world like Hunter, Champion, Rotary, Robinair, Quality AES provides a true consultation team for your business. From installation of lift racks, wheel balancers, and tire changers to air compressors, A/C and alignment systems, trust the team at Quality AES to install things right and on time.