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Why It Doesn't Pay To Skip Annual Lift Inspections

July 14, 2021
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Your auto service operation is running at full steam and you see customers happy, zinging in and out of your service bays one after another, day after day. While business booms and your shop is maximizing every dollar it can, plenty of businesses during this time fail to see the potential warning signs of staying compliant with annual lift inspections and what it can cost your dealership and body shop if you skip this critical task. 

Unfortunately most automotive dealerships do not have their service bay lifts inspected all that often and it's the one piece of equipment that can truly cost your business and your mechanics the most.    


So how much can not getting an annual lift inspection cost the business in the long run? The answer, when reflected upon, is painful to calculate when added up, especially if you are reacting to the crisis.   

For starters, you are putting your team of technicians at risk. A broken or unmaintained lift increases on site danger, it scares your technician and creates a failed trust factor between your business and the ones actually doing the work in fixed operations. 

Although your able body techs know how to fix the automobile their working on, they might not know much about the lifts in general. Just like a car that needs to be serviced, there is usually a warning sign if something isn't right and unfortuntately, if not caught in time, your team can be working out of shear negligence when it comes to working on, over or under a non-functioning lift.

In addition to possible workers comp claims, like the one just mentioned, there are other costs the business should not have to absorb by missing an annual inspection. These can include potential insurance premium hikes, increased liability coverage, damage to your customers vehicle and lost income because your broken service bay is down not generating revenue.  

We fail to realize, often until it is too late, that any of these problems could leave our business in a negative public relations scenario which could be avoided by taking a bit of time to protect your business and your team by properly inspecting your lift racks.  


Now that we have identified the potential problems that can come from not properly servicing a lift rack, let's now turn to who can help. By getting a state certified inspection from an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified lift inspector, you are assuring yourself that a service technician, who has been tested and certified in electrical, mechanical and hydraulics, is examining your lift.  

For the Midwest, Quality Automotive Equipment and Service is recognized as the leader in state certified lift inspections for Kansas, Missouri and the Greater Kansas City area. Each and every lift inspection that a Quality AES lift inspector provides comes with a full physical and digital report regarding the health of your equipment and what assets might need further attention. 

Because of this affiliation with the Automotive Lift Institute, the team at Quality AES uses a special code of conduct for all of its lift inspections and prides themselves on being professional, punctual and thorough with each and every inspection job.   

Quality Automotive Equipment & Service hopes you don't experience any of the above hazards from a lift gone bad. Learn more about certified lift inspections from Quality AES here.  If you'd like to be proactive and schedule your inspection, giving yourself the peace of mind that your business and techs are safe and compliant, reach out and connect with one of the specialist at Quality AES today.