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Quick Check Alignment Systems That Work

June 20, 2022
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Recently, Quality Automotive Equipment & Service interviewed Steve Mooy, the service director at Olathe Toyota, a family-owned operation and car dealership located in Olathe, KS. 

Steve has long been drawn and attracted to cars.  In fact, many years ago, he was part of Johnson County Community College’s automotive technology degree program, where he learned the ins and outs of auto service, something Steve says was pivotal for gaining the knowledge he needed to feel confident in entering his first year with Olathe Toyota. 

Since then, Steve has been employed by Olathe Toyota for 23 years now, working initially as a service writer for 21 of those years and a service director for the last two.  He loves his job; the company he works for and says he’s doing exactly what he wanted to do in life! 


The point of our interview was to check back in with Steve to see how their recent installation of Hunters new Quick Check Alignment System has been working for their service department.  The results of which weren’t unexpected but great to hear from someone deep in the service trenches. 

Back in December of 2021, Steve and Olathe Toyota decided to replace a former Hunter alignment system that was a bit outdated and not providing consistent results.  They decided to replace it with the new Quick Check system with the hopes of becoming more profitable and effective.  

Steve says, “Out of necessity, change was needed! We needed to upgrade our old system, so things weren’t done manually. Inevitably, we had cars slip through without being properly inspected and because we couldn’t effectively show customers the problems we were seeing with their automobiles, we decided to make the change”. 

Through careful collaboration with the Quality AES sales and service team, they decided to upgrade and by doing so managed to save $30K by salvaging some of the camera systems from the old equipment, something Steve says was very advantageous for them and something Quality AES recommended.  That alone, Steve says, helped him grow trust with team at Quality.


It’s been six months since the installation of the new equipment and Steve says the numbers don’t lie.  In six months, year to date, they have completed 1,744 alignments, roughly 2/3 more than they had ever done in previous years.  With an average of $22,000 a month in revenue now in alignments alone, along with better transparency for the customer, Olathe Toyota is on pace to shatter their goals with an increase of $264,000 in alignment revenue alone this year.  

“What we love most about this system is twofold.  First, we know the system works and knew it would increase our productivity and profit but what has stood out is the feedback we get from our customers.  When customers pull in and see their car being inspected instantly with laser beams, whether there is a problem or not, they love the technology and transparency we display on the four high-definition TV’s showcasing what the inspection found”. 

“Secondly, our technicians love being connected to Hunter’s software system.  It gives our technicians the ability to present, with video if they prefer, accurate and consistent results and information to the customer quickly so car owners can make informed decisions on what needs to be fixed now.” 

Overall, the system from an ROI standpoint is scheduled to pay for itself in 12 months.  Steve mentioned that the system has also saved valuable time for the staff from having to do manual inspections as well as save the dealership lost revenue by providing more accurate results and not missing opportunities to protect our customers vehicles all together. 

Steve appreciates his relationship with Quality AES and so do we!  We love hearing success stories and encourage you to speak with one of our trained professionals today to discuss any needs you and your service department have.  From lift service, installation and inspections to alignment systems and high-end automotive equipment, Quality AES is happy to help.  Reach out to us at 913-205-1350 or contact us here.