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Tire Equipment Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide from Quality AES

June 28, 2024
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When it comes to maintaining top-notch service in your automotive shop, fleet facility, or dealership, having the right tire equipment is crucial. At Quality Automotive Equipment & Service (Quality AES), we understand the importance of reliable and efficient equipment.

As an approved nationwide vendor for Hunter Engineering, we provide access to some of the best shop equipment in the industry. In this comprehensive tire balancer and tire changer guide, we'll cover the essential tire equipment every service shop should have based upon the types of vehicles they work on. 

Tire balancers are essential for ensuring smooth and safe driving. They correct the weight distribution within the tire and wheel assembly, minimizing vibrations and improving tire longevity. Here are some of the top Hunter tire balancers that Quality AES offers:

  • Hunter HD Elite Tire Balancer:  The HD Elite is designed for high-volume shops, providing fast and precise balancing for heavy-duty and commercial applications. Its advanced features include automatic mode detection and diagnostic capabilities.  Click to learn more.
  • Hunter Road Force Elite Balancer:  Known for its ability to simulate road conditions, the Road Force Elite helps identify vibration issues that traditional balancers can't. This ensures a smoother ride and better overall performance. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter SmartWeight Elite Balancer:  This balancer uses SmartWeight technology to reduce weight usage, saving costs while ensuring precise balancing. It's ideal for high-volume shops looking for efficiency and accuracy. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter SmartWeight Pro Balancer:  The Smart Weight Pro is perfect for shops of all sizes, offering the same SmartWeight technology with a focus on quick cycle times and ease of use. It combines accuracy with user-friendly features. Click to learn more.

Having the right tire changer can significantly impact your shop's productivity and service quality. Hunter's line of tire changers offers a range of options to meet different needs:

Center Clamp Tire Changers
  • Hunter Auto 34R:  Used when you have minimal floor space, the speed and ease of use of this tire changer eliminates common wear points and saves time when mounting and demounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies.  It combines simple operation and uses a lever less system for simple button control.  Click to learn more.  
  • Hunter TC33:  The TC33 utilizes a ergonomic feature to ease levering and provides unobstructed access to the lower bead for lubrication.  This tire changer comes with a built-in blast inflation and provides strong clamping force without the need for flange plates.  Click to learn more. 
  • Hunter TC37: The TC37 is an ergonimically designed tire changer that uses a patented center clamp system offering a simplified clamping technique with three adjustable height positions.  It features a split bead roller system that simplifies control use and makes match mounting easy.  Click to learn more
  • Hunter TC39:  A versatile center clamp changer suitable for a variety of tire sizes. It provides precise and safe clamping with easy-to-use controls. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter Maverick:  The Maverick offers advanced features for handling today's tough tire designs. It's equipped with ergonomic controls and automatic functions for improved efficiency. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX51C:  This model is designed for high-volume shops, featuring robust construction and advanced clamping technology to handle a wide range of tires. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TC33M:  Ideal for medium to large shops, the TC33M is a mobile tire changer that combines reliability with advanced features like variable speed control and automatic functions. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TC51M:  A heavy-duty tire changer designed for mobile tire service.  This tire changer is shorter and allows it to be loaded into a mobile service van.  It can handle large volumes and tough tire applications and also offers enhanced power and precision for efficient tire service. Click to learn more.

Fully Automatic Tire Changers
  • Hunter Revolution:  The Revolution is a game-changer with its fully automatic operation. It simplifies the tire changing process, reducing labor time and improving safety. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter Maverick:  As mentioned earlier, the Maverick is a hybrid option, offering fully automatic features as well as partially automatic options where manual override and control can be interchanged by technicians. It’s a versatile tire changer option for shops looking to upgrade their equipment. Click to learn more.

Heavy Duty Tire Changers
  • Hunter TCX635:  This model offers advanced features for heavy-duty tire changing, including enhanced clamping power and robust construction. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX645:  The TCX645 is built for the most demanding applications, providing superior power and durability for heavy-duty tire service. Click to learn more.

Table Top Tire Changers
  • Hunter TCX50:  A reliable and efficient table top tire changer suitable for a variety of tire sizes. It offers ease of use and robust performance. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX51:  The TCX51 builds on the TCX50's features, adding enhanced power and precision for better handling of tough tires. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX53:  This model offers advanced features like variable speed control and automatic functions, making it ideal for high-volume shops. Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX58:  Designed for large tires, the TCX58 uses a standard demount head and provides robust clamping power and advanced features for efficient tire changing.  Click to learn more.
  • Hunter TCX59:  The TCX59 is the top-of-the-line table top changer.  It uses a lever less tool head and offers the best in power, precision, and ease of use for demanding tire applications. Click to learn more.

Equipping your shop with the right tire equipment is essential for providing high-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and higher CSI scores. At Quality AES, we offer a comprehensive range of Hunter tire balancers and tire changers to meet the needs of any shop, fleet facility, or dealership.

Whether you're looking for advanced features, heavy-duty capabilities, or reliable performance, Hunter's line of equipment has you covered. In fact, Hunter goes the extra mile and helps with hands-on training and installation service upon purchase of any of their tire changers or balancers. 

Trust Quality AES to provide the best in tire service equipment, backed by our and Hunters commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  We invite you to meet the Quality AES team and read our story.  To see our full line of shop equipment available, click on the provided link.  We look forward to working with you!